The Boss Key hides your private info instantly .

Why Do You Need TheBossKey?

 The Boss Key will save your privacy and your job !

 The Boss Key is a  panic button that will Hide all open web browsers

 The Boss Key will hide windows that you don't want to be visible

 The Boss Key will hide chat screens, like MSN Messenger

 The Boss Key will even activate your mute feature turning off all computer game noise and or music you may be playing.

 The Boss Key is activated  with the press of a hot key combination you can choose

The Boss Key is a quick way to hide those private sites none of us ever subscribe too.....

Ever been at work, but not working ? 

Have you been online playing or in a chat room and had your boss walk into your office ?

You need The Boss Key...

Here you are surfing the web at work... 

You have 3 web browser windows open and a chat box that have absolutely nothing to do with work...  then suddenly...

...A Customer walks in, or worse yet YOUR BOSS !  (or anyone else you don't want to see your screen)...

What do you do ?

A) Frantically start trying to close your browser windows one by one, I hope your computer is as fast as you are :-)

B) Re-boot your Computer and loose all your work... ughhhh !

C) Press the Hot Key Combo  to instantly activate  The Boss Key and all web browser, chat  windows and music hide instantly!

Now this is all your boss will see !


After your boss has left the room..... 

You enter the hot key combo again  and all your web browser windows will unhide!

The Boss Key just saved your dignity and your job! 

Hide those private browser and chat windows instantly with The Boss Key

The Boss Key also has a feature to hide ALL your open windows, but open one web browser window of your choice, so it will look like you are working you may want to set that window to open to another site, like

Think of The-Boss-Key as an insurance policy...

Insurance policies protect you from accidents. The-Boss-Key will protect you from avoidable
and devastating situations. You have to take into consideration what avoiding unwanted situations is worth?  Working late nights to catch up on work, despite your wife's wishes, could lead to endless arguments and maybe even divorce.

Leaving a computer to watch your favorite TV show could leave your computer "unprotected", allowing others access to confidential materials that you unknowingly left on the screen.

For the cost of lunch you can forever provide yourself the absolute best technology that will continue to protect your best interest for years to come.

Why is The Boss Key more effective than others?

 - Simple one-click hot key combo to instantly hide all your open browser windows, chat windows, music etc.

 - Guaranteed to hide all private windows and applications

 - The Boss Key will save your dignity and your job ! 

 -  Heck who knows? Maybe even your marriage !

How Does The Boss Key Work?

You enter a 2 key hot key combination you choose to hide all your screens in an instant. Once the coast is clear, you enter another 2 key hot key combination, and - voila - you're back in business !

Requirements !

 28 Kb of disk space and the need to keep your surfing private, from over the shoulder surfers !

As a special limited promotional offer

Get your The-Boss-Key software today for, not $97, not $77, not even $57, just 


   Yes, I'm Ready! I Want to Save my job and Maybe Even my Marriage. I want The Boss Key Software now! 

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